New York Times Endorses Marijuana Legalization

New York Times Endorses Marijuana LegalizationLast Sunday, the New York Times created shockwaves with their full-on endorsement of marijuana legalization. The editorial board stated that marijuana prohibition has gone on too long been a total failure. The pro-legalization endorsement “Repeal Prohibition, Again” is the first in a six-part series called “High Time: An Editorial Series on Marijuana Legalization” and is ongoing this week. The editorial received over 4,000 pro-marijuana comments by Monday morning.

Marijuana policy advocates are calling this a turning point in the failed War on Drugs.

Defenders of marijuana prohibition have criticized the editorial, saying it sends the wrong message to our youth. Other critics of the editorial are claiming scientists don’t know enough about marijuana.’s Tom Angell was quoted “… it’s significant because it will probably encourage some political figures who agree with us behind closed doors to come out and say they agree with us publicly. When The New York Times’ editorial board says something, it shows it’s a mainstream position.”

Find out more about this topic in the New York Times “Repeal Prohibition Again” article and the 6 part “High Time” series.